“Natalie will bring a much needed ‘refresh’ to the Trustee/Library model. Her willingness to listen, learn, and respect opposing opinions are valuable additions to an organization that may need a renewed perspective and direction.”

Barbara Gariepy
Sudbury Town Crier, March 26

“New faces and fresh thinking are the lifeblood any organization that wants to remain relevant and serve its community. This is especially true for municipal boards and committees, and the Goodnow Library Board of Trustees is no exception. Natalie Schlegel is that new face and fresh thinking.”

Len Simon, Meadowbrook Circle
Sudbury Patch, March 20

“Natalie is the only candidate who is committed to building bridges and re-establish relationships with the Friends. She brings her professional experience of building relationships at a time when the library needs her most.”

Mara Huston, Peakham Road
Sudbury Town Crier, March 12

“Natalie is the right person at the right time to ensure that our library continues on its trajectory to be the best library in the area with a wealth of offerings for all.”

Gerri Taylor, south Sudbury
Sudbury Town Crier, March 12

“Natalie is an experienced manager in a broad-based university environment who is capable of evaluating issues that concern multiple stakeholders and working to best meet the needs of these stakeholders.”

Jeff Levine, Chanticleer Road
Sudbury Town Crier, March 12

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